Next generation conversational capabilities with TrueDialogue™

TrueDialogue™ allows a whole new way of interacting with your applications, a real dialogue becomes possible. The increasingly conversational nature of a back-and-forth will make workforce’s relationships with technology more personal and more loyal. tools are finally good enough, cheap enough, and accessible enough to make the conversational interface real—and ubiquitous.

Improving your workforce experience in any situation

Whether your people are working in the field, inspecting a site or fixing an engine, they all need an assistant - logging their issues, reminding them of important things or answering technical questions.

Our dialogue SDK and API gives you access to TrueDialogue™, our state-of-the art dialogue engine, the first of its kind. Allowing your workforce to have an experience that is ahead of the competition.

What makes TrueDialogue™ better?

Real Memory

Our system has actual memory. No more “which location did you mean?” after the user just mentioned it a second ago. Your users will be able to actually converse with the system to complete tasks and access information they couldn’t get before.

Machines that reason for you, with you

Our system can reason. Did your end user just say something ambiguous or forget to mention a crucial piece of information? Our reasoning engine has their back and understands this automatically and helps your worker to complete all tasks correctly.

Tell us the “What” not the “How”

Dialogue systems are notoriously hard and cumbersome to build, if at all possible. Our unique dialogue engine, based on several years of R & D, allows us to build and modify a dialogue system in a fraction of the time.


For end users

All TrueUnderstanding™ end user benefits

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Real back and forth

Conversational AI lead to technological proficiency that bypasses existing graphical user interfaces.

More information depth

Access more data than you could ever access before.

Conversational understanding

Complete more complex tasks in a fraction of time.

Even more convenience

Not only hands-free, but you can do other stuff while conversing with your supporting assistant.

For businesses

All TrueUnderstanding™ business benefits

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Next-level user experience

Better staff satisfaction, more convenience, more productivity. Plus it’s the future anyway.

Follow-up questions

Immediate answers to workers queries and all follow up questions, leads to huge improvement in efficiency.

Conversational understanding

Worker can log a full day's work in couple of minutes.

Next-generation checklists

Ensuring highest data quality and completeness by automating checklists and processes.